When working with children on the cello I first focus on our relationship. It is important that the student feel comfortable with me. From there, I can figure out the best way(s) to help them learn. Then, I can work on having them feel comfortable with the cello and start teaching them the mechanics of playing. While making music is ultimately fun and rewarding, the process can be challenging. Fortunately, the student has a strong support team. Both their parent/s or guardian/s and I provide them with strategies and encouragement for practicing and dealing with the inevitable challenges they will encounter along the way. Of course, we need those same people around for the celebrations that ensue when books are finished and recitals completed!


Over the past five years I have begun teaching more adults. It started with the parents of some of my students, and has expanded from there--mainly through word-of-mouth. I enjoy working with adults, because they tend to be very motivated. They also ask a lot of questions and challenge me to formulate precise language around the mechanics of playing the cello. In recent years, I have realized that adults need different performance opportunities than children. I have created studio classes where we play for each other, and master classes where I bring in a guest clinician, exclusively for adults. These have been very well-received.

I look forward to teaching you or your child. Feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss any questions you might have.

Erica Klein • 617-784-4088 • • Arlington, MA 02476